Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dodging the bullet

Well it's been a few weeks since the last entry, and we have great news! I got promoted! In the world of the call center, it becomes really competitive. I am so thrilled to have accepted the Team Lead position, and to have climbed the ladder so quickly! Only down side is I do have some training to do, so it may delay some of the doctor's appointments. However, it feels great to have success at something...

In other news....we are still not pregnant! Big shocker, I know. And what's up with the title you ask? Well that's the little pesky question that began popping up after we celebrated our 2nd anniversary. WHEN are you going to have a baby!?! I know its the natural progression in life, but it's such an awkward question to answer. Do I slap on a smile that hides the real emptiness we feel and say "when the time is right." Or do I make the person asking feel awful and say "we are facing infertility issues and can't currently make a child, have a nice day?" I guess it depends on how well we know that person, and how strong JM and I are feeling that day. By strong, I mean not having a flood of unstoppable tears and it ruin a would be nice day, triggered by that question. So what would be a better way to ask this question? Here's a general rule of thumb(why is it a rule of thumb?Why can't it be a pinky?) Athem...As a general rule of pinky, if the couple has been married more than 3 years, don't push your luck. Let them mention it to you.

The other thing I wanted to mention in this blog: how incredibly difficult it is to be happy for someone who announces they're pregnant. I guess the best way to explain the feeling is when your friends all had boyfriends or girlfriends, and fell madly in love. Remember how you felt like the odd man out, just waiting for your chance to enjoy the same thing. You just wanted to feel and look the way your friends were;happy. So if you ask me to attend your baby shower, I'll probably graciously decline, and I am really really sorry if I break out it tears when you tell me you're pregnant. It's nothing against you, or your big news, it's how badly we want what you know have. It's the many years we've spent trying to achieve something you seemed to achieve in a few months, or maybe didn't even try to do. In the end, we are happy that another beautiful person will be brought into this world, to experience all the great things life has to offer.

That's it for now...